Mexico Street FoodMexico Street Food
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Prices and Booking

This is the spot for Guanajuato tour booking information.

The street food tour prices below include all food and drinks—just bring a good appetite!

These rates are in Mexican pesos. There will be a 10% non-refundable deposit collected at booking. You will pay the remainder in pesos at the start of the tour.

All Guanajuato City tours must be booked two days in advance! Later bookings can only be accepted if another tour is already going out that day.

We need two or more people to run a tour. If you are a solo traveler, please round up at least one newfound friend before booking. Otherwise we’ll do our best to get you on another tour, but no guarantees.

Minimum of two adults required to run a tour, up to a maximum of 8. (We can take larger groups, but will need to stagger them with two guides).

We require a non-refundable advance deposit, then you pay the remainder at the start of the tour. Please don’t make a booking unless your plans are solid. If your group number changes, you may need to adjust the amount owed per person.

We require a 24-hour notice for all tours unless there is already a group scheduled and you can hop onto an existing tour.

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