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Bars and Tacos Night Tour

Tacos, Micheladas, Mezcal, and…?

Hit the streets of the colonial center on a walking tour of nighttime drinking spots and the food stalls that only come out in the dark.

  • Tour runs three to four hours
  • Five drinks in multiple bars
  • Two night stall street food stops
  • Get insider information from your bilingual host
  • Navigate your way around the nightlife scene with a local
  • The tour will all be done on foot around the central historic district of Guanajuato.
Sure, you could parade around the city drinking non-alcoholic fake juice with some musicians dressed like Spaniards, or you could hit the bars of a Mexican city with someone who knows where to go and what to drink. Join us for a fun, relaxed tour of the winding streets and back alleys of this colonial gem of a city.


Guanajuato Street Food Tour

Eat your way around Guanajuato!

Tour the food stalls, the markets, and the sites of a unique colonial Mexican city. Eat where the locals eat in the daytime on a walking tour.

On this three-hour Guanajuato tour you will
  • Visit a Mexican bakery and sample warm pastries
  • Try fresh-squeezed juices with a variety of fruits and vegetables
  • Visit two local markets
  • Sample tamales and gorditas
  • Eat a typical meal of the day
  • Top it all off with street stall ice cream
Along the way you’ll learn about the history and key sites in Guanajuato, ride a funicular train, and walk the pedestrian-only “callejon” back alleys of the city.

Who’s Running This Thing?

Tim Leffel is a full-time travel writer, editor, and author from the USA who has published articles from around the world. He currently lives in Guanajuato with his family and owns a home here. See more on the Your Guide page.

How Much Does It Cost?

Tours range from US$27 to $35 per person depending on group size. This includes all food, walking tour guidance around the city, and a funicular train ride to a panoramic viewpoint. See more on the street food tour pricing page.

How it Works

Unless your group requires otherwise, tours run on weekdays for approximately three hours starting at 10 a.m. The whole tour is done on foot and requires the ability to walk on uneven surfaces. You can pay in advance by Paypal or on the day of the tour in cash. See more on the Prices and Booking page.